Jersey Staffing is Now WorkDynamx! Empowering Work. Elevating People.

After 14 years of dedicated service, Jersey Staffing Solutions proudly announces its transformation to WorkDynamX, effective March 11th, 2024. This change marks a significant milestone for the company as it aligns with its expanded vision and nationwide presence in providing comprehensive workforce solutions. Jersey Staffing is Now WorkDynamx! Empowering Work. Elevating People.

Originally established in 2010, the company has evolved beyond its regional roots, serving clients across the nation with a diverse range of services encompassing recruitment, human resources, and business consulting. As a women-owned enterprise, WorkDynamX is committed to empowering businesses of all sizes by optimizing their workforce dynamics and enhancing operational efficiencies.

“WorkDynamX represents our commitment to revolutionize the way businesses approach work and people management,” said Kristi D’Angeli, CEO of WorkDynamX. “Our decision to rebrand reflects our dedication to providing holistic solutions tailored to the modern workplace landscape, transcending geographical boundaries and industry barriers.”

Specializing in both recruitment and fractional HR services, WorkDynamX offers a unique blend of expertise designed to address the evolving needs of organizations in today’s dynamic business environment. Whether it’s talent acquisition, organizational development, or strategic workforce planning, WorkDynamX stands as a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of human capital management.

“Our new identity as WorkDynamX signifies our versatility and agility in adapting to the ever-changing demands of the workforce,” added Kristi D’Angeli. “We are more than just a staffing agency; we are catalysts for organizational growth and transformation.”

With the rebranding, clients can expect the same unwavering commitment to excellence and personalized service that has been synonymous with the company’s legacy. WorkDynamX remains steadfast in its mission to empower businesses to achieve their full potential by optimizing their most valuable asset – their people.

Article courtesy of WorkDynamX.