Morris County Stands With Israel

County Commissioners Offer Statements During Public Meeting

The Morris County Board of County Commissioners stood for a moment of silence last night to honor the victims of the brutal terrorist attacks launched last weekend in Israel, and they individually offered statements in support of Israel.

Commissioner Director John Krickus has additionally attended several vigils held at area synagogues and Jewish Centers since the Oct. 7 attacks.

(Seated around the conference table, starting at bottom left) Commissioners Cabana and Selen, Commissioner Deputy Director Myers, Deputy Clerk of the Board Lucinda Lynch, Director Krickus, County Administrator Leary, Assistant County Counsel Santuci, Commissioners

“Morris County Commissioners stands with Israel, and it has been heartening to see representatives from across Morris County supporting Israel during this very difficult time. Thanks to Sheriff Gannon, Prosecutor Carroll and local law enforcement for insuring the safety of places of worship,” said Commissioner Director Krickus.

“Somehow, we have to figure out as a country how to help others and to not let it be here too. I can’t even fathom the amount of hatred you would have to have. Let’s keep praying and keep helping as we can, and make sure it doesn’t take root in our own lives and in our own country,” said Commissioner Deputy Director Christine Myers.

“I wholeheartedly condemn the terrorist attacks done by Hamas over the weekend. It is inexcusable. I see this as not Jews against Muslims; this is good versus evil. The peace can be found and must be achieved at some point. Evil must be eradicated,” said Commissioner Tayfun Selen.

Commissioner Douglas Cabana noted he had recently visited Israel and Palestine.

“I have a different perspective on Israel having been there. What I found was people that just want to live their lives. A mixture of Jews, Muslims and Christians all living together. Tel Aviv was a very international city with a European flavor to it. When you go out to the country to Palestine to go to Bethlehem and visit the nativity, you saw a different side of it. So, you understand a little bit better when you go into the occupied area. The position that the Israeli government is taking in Palestine is because of something like this… What’s most disturbing to me is the position from some of our fellow Americans who support what happened, and worse, some of the elected officials also support Hamas and the Palestinian State against the State of Israel. Whatever we can do as a country and a people to support everyone in the Middle East is something that needs to be prioritized,” said Commissioner Cabana.

“Israel is a shining democracy out in a part of the world where there are not too many democracies. I stand with Israel,” said Commissioner Stephen Shaw.

“I condemn what’s happened here. The ideology that these terrorists have is something I believe cannot be negotiated in any way. It’s deep-rooted hate. I support Israel and what they are going to have to do to eradicate Hamas. As a country, I think we are doing the right thing, and need to do even more, if possible,” said Commissioner Thomas Mastrangelo.

Morris County Commissioner Director Krickus speaking at the Morristown Jewish Center vigil for Israel on Monday, October 11, where Sheriff Gannon, Sen. Bucco, Asw. Dunn, Morristown Mayor Dougherty and many other local officials and community leaders were also in attendance.

Commissioner Deborah Smith lamented the fact that some organizations, many of them young college students in the United States, publicly cheered the slaughter by the terrorists during rallies in New York City and on college campuses.

“I ask everyone to pray for peace in the Middle East. I also urge everyone to examine the forces in our society and our educational institutions inspiring our young to abandon basic decency and our American principles. Our youth are being radicalized. They are detached from the realities of violence and world conflict. As one of my colleagues said, this is about good and evil. Sadly, America is now spawning generations who do not know the difference,” said Commissioner Smith.

Religious congregations throughout the county have been holding vigils and prayer services since the weekend, and will continue holding them to remember the lives lost, while raising awareness of the need to support our ally nation in turmoil. The Morris County Sheriff’s Office and other area law enforcement have increased patrols of houses of worship in the area due to the attacks on Israel.