Economic Development

Parsippany, NJ — Today, Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) celebrated the anniversary of the landmark CHIPS and Science Act, which she helped pass last year to strengthen America’s economic and national security. The bill made groundbreaking investments in both American semiconductor manufacturing and R&D, and is already delivering results in New Jersey and across the country, including tens of thousands of jobs, an 80 percent increase in manufacturing construction, and more than $231 billion in private sector investments in semiconductor manufacturing.


“One year later, the CHIPS and Science Act has revitalized American leadership and ignited a manufacturing boom, creating good-paying jobs here in New Jersey and across the United States. We’re also taking bold steps to invest in cutting edge technology R&D to build for the future and keep the United States competitive for generations to come. These are the types of policies I’m fighting for in Congress — and because of these efforts, New Jersey has had its best two years of jobs growth, both in the manufacturing sector and across all industries, since the 1990s,” said Rep. Mikie Sherrill. 


Sherrill has long advocated for strategic investments in our supply chain and critical technology like semiconductors. Yesterday, Sherrill joined CNBC’s Squawk Box to tout the success of the CHIPS and Science Act — you can watch the interview here. Last year, Sherrill hosted a roundtable with New Jersey business leaders to discuss how the legislation would benefit the state’s economy and workforce.


Leaders from across New Jersey also applauded the legislation’s anniversary:


“The one-year anniversary of the CHIPS and Science Act is a huge milestone for the country and all domestic manufacturers. This Act provides unprecedented support for the United States industrial base. The research and development surrounding the local semiconductor industry, and the investment being made into STEM education, is pointing the nation and domestic manufacturing in the right direction when it comes to ability to compete on a global scale once more. New Jersey is positioned to become a semiconductor and manufacturing leader. The support provided through the CHIPS and Science Act and our State Leadership has been incredible and has us excited for the future,” said Peter Connolly, CEO of the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program.


“The CHIPS and Science Act represents an important opportunity for New Jersey to continue to grow our historic path of innovation. The CHIPS Act will lead to strong investment in domestic and New Jersey-based manufacturing, R&D and STEM education. The more our great state can be a location for semiconductor manufacturing, and a leader in providing intelligence to improve our nation’s security, modern electronics, household machines, and automobiles, the better it is for our economy and competitiveness,” said Michele Siekerka, President and CEO of the New Jersey Businesses and Industry Association.


“The CHIPS and Science Act is of monumental importance for many reasons including making life more affordable for Americans, allowing US manufacturers to compete with countries like China, and, most importantly, it reestablishes the United States as the global leader in advanced manufacturing and R&D. Congresswoman Sherrill’s leadership on this bill clearly demonstrates her economic vision for the future of New Jersey and her effective efforts to help grow our economy and create good-paying jobs across the state,” said Dr. Anthony J. Iacono, President of the County College of Morris.  


“At the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, we believe that the CHIPS & Science Act will positively impact numerous key sectors, such as Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Defense, and Technology. Additionally, our market provides us with a strong and capable workforce. This legislation will allow us to optimize and better leverage our workforce and academic institutions, including County College of Morris, home to the state’s premier, Advanced Manufacturing Training Center,” said Meghan Hunscher, President & CEO of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce.  


“Contributing over $6.5 Billion and 19,000+ jobs, Morris County’s Manufacturing base is an integral part of our $60 Billion Gross Regional Product. Legislation such as the CHIPS & Science Act, will enable new financial investments, create meaningful programs, and produce opportunities that increase our region’s national and global competitiveness,” said Craig Schlosser, President & CEO, Morris County Economic Development Alliance. 

Article courtesy of the Official Site of U.S. Congresswoman Mikie Sherril.